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Have book, will travel

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Recently I’ve been catching up with novels written by several of my friends in the ANZ authors’ group. Their settings have taken me on interesting journeys to countries and times that have extended my understanding of the world.

Death in Malta, by Rosanne Dingli, leads through the towns, eating houses and winding roads of this tiny island as a mystery plot unfolds. Another of Rosanne’s e-books, the novella, Vision or Delusion, has an interesting setting in Belgium during the 19th century.

The Condor’s Feather, by Margaret Muir, reveals the harsh but beautiful landscape of Patagonia, while Frances Burke’s Dragon Wind Rising, another story based on a time when lives were cheap, is set in China at the time of the Boxer rebellion.

I have just started reading Anna Jacobs’ Lancashire-based trilogy about the settlement of the Swan River area by migrants escaping the English famine caused by the disruption to the cotton industry during the period when slavery was abolished in America and the North and South were at war. Farewell to Lancashire opened my eyes to the reality of starvation and poverty in Britain as a result of social change, and I look forward to reading more of this continuing saga once the characters reach Australia.

I am wondering what other fascinating settings await me as I catch up with more stories created by this group of writers. Then, without the worries of airport delays, terrorism fears or civil unrest, I can curl up with my Kindle and travel far afield.

Written by Margaret Sutherland



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