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My 54th novel comes out today and you’d think I’d feel blase after so many – but I don’t. I get excited each time a story of mine is published and rush off to admire it in the nearest bookshop. I’m especially pleased this time because there are actually two books coming out, books 1 and 2 in The Wiltshire Girls.

 The 54th novel is ‘Elm Tree Road’ which is actually the second book in the series. It’s out in hardback and ebook formats this time.

 For reasons best known to themselves, publishers traditionally release the hardback several months, or even a year before they release the paperback, so the other book that’s released is ‘Cherry Tree Lane’, which came out in hardback last year. It’s now out in paperback and ebook formats and has achieved the best sales of any of my books on Amazon UK. My books sell best on the UK Amazon, because that’s where my books are first published.

 It’s very hard for novelists to see how their books are selling. Publishers aren’t free with the specific information, so we generally hear from them every six months, with the sales/royalty statement. We can get clues these days by checking Amazon and similar on line bookstores, so we nip there every now and then. Well, after you’ve put months of your life into writing a story, you can’t help being interested!

This series is set in Wiltshire in 1910-1913, just before World War I. It’s a period in history that tends to be skipped over for the excitement of the war years – if you can call a war exciting. However, I’ve not written any stories set in that period, so I had the pleasure of researching it in more detail before I started writing.

 You can find out about both books and read the first chapters on my web site. And naturally, they’re for sale at the Book Depository or Amazon. I’m really pleased with the covers, by the way. What do you think? Which type do you prefer? The partial head has been very popular in recent years, but the woman bravely facing the world has been used for historical sagas for many years:

Cherry Tree Lane

Elm Tree Road

 The stories are about three sisters, who have to flee from their bully of a father and make new lives for themselves. They get separated and each has to make her way alone in a world where women earn half of men’s wages, and women without families are considered fair targets by predatory men.

 No guessing that there’s a HEA ending for my stories! These are romantic novels, after all. And since I get the choice of whether I allow my heroes and heroines to find happiness, I always go for that option. It’d leave me feeling miserable if I killed off the characters I’ve worked so hard to create.

 I very much enjoyed writing these stories and have just started on Book 3. More fascinating research to do and more ‘film shows’ during the night as my imagination wakes me to show me what happens next.

 Happy reading to you all!

Written by Anna Jacobs


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