June Monks


June Ann Monks lives in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. After many years of living all over Queensland, June and her husband Ian retired to live on the Maroochy River. Since her retirement, she has had eight romantic fiction novels published. Her latest novel Sea of Hope is dedicated to the Life Saving Movement and depicts the lives and interactions of an ‘iron man’ and a foreign correspondent. June spent many years working with children both as a Dental Nurse and Preschool teacher-aide and has no trouble entertaining her seven grandchildren some of whom have shown a strong desire to be creative in both writing and other art forms. A battle with breast cancer fourteen years ago put things into perspective for June, both where her writing and life were concerned. Three words have since been her mantra. Never give up.

June Monk's Books

Gabriel Armstrong, a successful business man, whose elite sporting prowess and the money it generated dredged his mother and brother from a life of poverty, has a hatred of journalists. When he meets Cassie Stevens, a foreign correspondent, they have no common ground and  forming a relationship seems impossible. They both carry a lot of emotional baggage from their past, but overcoming these obstacles draws them together  and helps them to find the all-consuming love they both crave. 

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Sea of Hope cover
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