About Us

ANZauthors is a group of published authors who work in Australia and New Zealand. Together, they write some of the most popular sought-after books not only in their region, but also the world.

Apart from their region, these authors have another thing in common: they all belong to an online discussion group of the same name: ANZauthors at Yahoo Groups.

Some have written a couple of volumes; others have dozens of titles to their name. Similarly, the variety of genres, themes, styles and book lengths are so great that there is bound to be something for every reader on this site.

Each author has proposed a few samples from their repertoire for now. When the launch period of the site is over, more titles will be posted as they are released. This means new material will be an on-going event here, with new books to be discovered as you finish others.

Readers, other authors and all those connected to publishing and books in one way or another, such as teachers, librarians and editors, are most welcome to peruse this site.




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